Monday, April 4, 2011


When mathematics is applied to people, one and one is never a definite two. 
Sometimes one will give 300, and only get about 4 in return but because it was one's nineteenth it is okay. 
Sometimes two promise to give infinitely but all either really end up with is 499. 
And sometimes you need to put down your counting cards and get a new tally sheet and just be one, all on your own. 

It's so much easier to say what needs to be done than actually doing it. I have plenty of reasons to not give this one more try. I have one reason why I should. I have a million things to fill this heart up with again, but one spot is saved. 1 > 1 million doesn't make any sense to me either. 

In the words of my best friend, SORRY FOR DA SAP, but seriously...
Sometimes I wish it ended in 1010. 

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