Wednesday, February 16, 2011

funny how things start to grown on you when you've already grown out of them.

Things are looking pretty good over here in west Texas. Now that I'm pretty sure I'm getting out of here - it feels like I'm gone and already missing lil Abs!
Today was very productive :)
I faxed a scholarship application off to a new university, earned $37.50, and went to my prof's house for breakfast, civilization class (which was epic), and even quantitative reasoning. My new job is awesome! I won't even complain about my sad little sore feet. Oh wait, I just did. :)
I'm thinking about heading home this weekend but some thing's telling me I should stay. I do want to see my best friends and celebrate Valentines and I do have off of work. But there's also best friends to see here, Sing Song, and I could always ask for more hours and go home next weekend. Decision decisions. I want to buy a magic eight ball that can just make my decisions for me. Next paycheck. :)

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